Friday, July 3, 2015

Carrots are the Stars

I grew these carrots.  

I know, right?  

They are beautiful. They were so pretty I had a hard time deciding how to eat them.  Okay, I may have crunched on one while I thought about it, but anyway, after soliciting feedback on Facebook (thanks, friends), I went the simple route-pan sautéed with butter, ginger, and then sprinkled with parsley (also from my garden).  
I wanted the carrots to be the star of this plate, so I kept everything else simple-a panko crusted chicken breast cooked in a little olive oil on the griddle, and cooked some rice.  For the chicken, I just dredge in wheat flour, then in egg, and finally press it in panko seasoned with salt and pepper.  

My trick with rice is to use half chicken stock and half water for some added flavor.  Other than that, I just cook it according to the package directions.  I had a little extra parsley, so I stirred that into my rice as well.  

The last thing I did was make a little pan sauce.  Take the carrots out of the pan, toss them with some parsley, and add a good splash of chicken stock, the juice from half a lemon, and whisk it with the left over butter and ginger until it reduces by about half.  I then poured a little over the chicken and some more over the rice. 


This was one tasty, simple dish. There really aren't many things better than eating the things you grow yourself!