Thursday, July 17, 2014

BAAT- Bacon, Avocado, Arugula, Tomato sandwhich

This really isn't a recipe, just a yummy meal.  As those of you who know me know, avocados are my favorite thing.  They find their way into many of my meals, and according to my friend Sean who is a chef, ones where avocado just don't belong, but I think this one would be just fine. And even if Sean doesn't agree, it was delicious, so I don't care.  
I started with some good hearty whole grain bread.  I got mine at Trader Joes, but really any good bread would work.  I toasted it and spread just a little mayo on it.  If I did it again, I am pretty sure that I wouldn't use it.  The avocado is creamy enough without it.  
So, while my bread was toasting, I cooked three pieces of bacon, sliced up a tomato and the avocado, and went out to my garden and picked some arugula.  Then you just have to layer it up.  

This made for a lovely summer lunch.  Enjoy!

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